June 30, 2022

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Auto Avenue

Why you should start your car often?

Most car owners enjoy cruising in their vehicles, but sometimes, certain situations cause them not to drive them daily. During such periods, the extensive hibernation and restricted usage can negatively affect your car’s mechanical and electric systems. Is it bad to let a car sit for a week? This is arguably one question that drivers ask while mulling about locking up their cars for an extended period. Well, when a vehicle lies idle in the garage for weeks on end, niggling problems may emerge. The fact that your car isn’t running as it previously did, doesn’t mean that you should stop undertaking the routine maintenance.

How Often Should You Start Your Car?

Keeping your car in good shape can be the difference between getting it up and running at the end of the hibernation period or enduring costly repairs. The basic maintenance practice for keeping your car in good shape in this situation is starting it regularly. A vehicle works best when you keep it running. However, in situations whereby travel is limited, you may not use your car every day. If you’re not too keen, you may find yourself disconnected from its mechanics.

You’ve probably heard many drivers say that they let their vehicles idle in the garage for weeks without any problems. However, this is an unnecessary risk that you shouldn’t take. The battery runs down when the car lies idle. To prevent the battery from getting discharged, ensure that you crank up the engine once a week. Leave it running for 10 to 15 minutes so that the alternator refills the juice. While at it, turn on all the car’s systems, including the AC.

Allowing the engine to run for at least 10 minutes once a week gets it to normal operating temperature. Apart from recharging the battery, you won’t accomplish anything else. For this reason, consider driving around your neighborhood to wake up the power steering, transmission, suspension, and braking systems. Typically, these crucial systems go on a snooze when your car lies idle. Therefore, a few minutes of driving will help bring them up to speed.

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